Dr. Amy Goldberg has spent thirty years as a trauma surgeon at Temple University Hospital in North Philadelphia, which treats more gunshot victims than any other hospital in the state. She is the chair of Temple University’s Department of Surgery, one of only sixteen women in American to hold that position at a hospital.

Goldberg advocates for gun control and states that people have to confront the tangible reality of gun violence without sensors. She did not know about guns or gun violence until she reached Temple. To Goldberg, surgery is a way of honoring a person’s life. Therefore, in her early days, she started thinking that Temple should find ways to intervene and speak to the patients about gun violence while in the hospital; however, she did not have the authority yet. Over time, as Goldberg rose in ranks, she began to do more to advocate for gun control.

Goldberg dedicates a lot of herself to outreach programs, scientific studies, and any other means she has of finding control and making the problem visible.

“We care,” stated Dr. Amy Goldberg. “We’re gonna be here. We’re gonna be here. We’re gonna be here, and then you know what, we’re still gonna be here. And then we’re still here. That kind of thing.”

What Bullets Do To Bodies

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