Today, the Trump administration announced the discontinuation of the signature girls education initiative that was led by former first lady Michelle Obama. The “Let Girls Learn” program was created in order to help facilitate the educational opportunities for young girls in developing countries. It was a platform that advocated for peace and equality.

The Peace Corps will continue to attempt to lead this program and will continue to “prioritize girls’ education and empowerment programming.” The spokesman for the Peace Corps stated that “girls’ education and empowerment has been a hallmark of our work over the past 56 years and we look forward to continuing those efforts with our interagency partners. We remain dedicated to the passionate work of our volunteers and staff to empower and educate girls in their communities.”

The Trump administration continues to threaten the liberties of women and girls. All people–regardless of race, gender, etc.–deserve an education. We must be tenacious and fight for those without a voice. We must fight for  the education that could provide millions with the hope for a better future.

Trump Administration Memo Calls for Ending Michelle Obama’s Girls Education Program

One thought on “LET GIRLS LEARN

  1. I’m so glad you are continuing to raise these issues! It’s really important that these setbacks be made as public as possible.


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