As early as elementary school, I began to realize how the history of science is a history of men’s accomplishments (with a few notable exceptions). To this day, I am still shocked by how dramatically under-represented women are in my textbooks, and how few girls seem interested in science.

From a young age, girls are subtly discouraged from pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers because they are seen as traditionally masculine fields of endeavor. These kinds of accepted societal norms should not and cannot be considered “okay.” I launched FEMISCIENCE to promote science for women and girls; to inform others about the achievements and innovations occurring in modern science; and to empower all to fight for equality and education.

A revolution cannot be accomplished using an evolutionary approach. This website is about taking action and making real change. It is about working in the community and actively mentoring and helping young and underprivileged girls so that they have the foundation necessary to excel in STEM. I want girls to be inspired by the stories on this site, and to develop the knowledge and confidence necessary to become future leaders in science. Let’s change the world!

Anna Sziklai