Avideh Zakhor is a light in science and technology, and is most well known for her role in creating Google Earth and Street View. Avideh Zakhor was the brain behind what we have come to know as Google Earth and Street View. She is among the very few women who have made a tremendous impact in science and technology–two fields that are dominated by men.

Zakhor has over thirty years of experience in electrical engineering and computer science. She is originally from Iran; however, she emigrated to the United Kingdom before going to MIT to obtain her Ph.D. in electrical engineering.

The task of developing Google Earth was extremely strenuous. Zakhor and her team were dedicated and drove trucks loaded with sensors around Berkeley. In addition, they flew helicopters over the city to gather imagery and to map parts of the city in three dimensions.

After her research, Zakhor sold the company to Google. During an interview, she said she chose to sell to Google, since they shared her vision. Google, in turn, used it to advance their Google Map technology.

Recently, Zakhor has shifted from outdoor to indoor technology. She is the founder of Indoor Reality. According to her, the aim of this project is to create maps of building interiors. The project would provide a lasting solution for Amazon drone deliveries as well as help real estate investors to navigate inside a building without being inside it.

Avideh Zakhor is redefining science and technology, and should be an inspiration to women and girls everywhere for her hard work and incredible achievements.

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