With roughly ten years of experience in tissue engineering and more than eight years in bioreactor design, Nina Tandon bridges the realms of business and science. Tandon received a Ph.D. and postdoc in stem cells and tissue engineering, and an Executive MBA in healthcare entrepreneurship from Colombia University. She was also named a TED senior fellow last year as well as one of Business Insider’s “40 under 40: People to Watch in 2015.”

Tandon, CEO and co-founder of EpiBone, is revolutionizing medicine. Her company is the first in the word to use a patient’s stem cells to grow human bone that can then be used to repair bone defects such as bone loss. These bones can be grown to the exact shape and size needed and are easily implanted into the body because they are made from the patient’s own cells.

Business Insider: Nana Tandon

EpiBone Team: Nina Tandon

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