Brittany Wenger is a nineteen year-old student at Duke University and aspiring pediatric oncologist. After a cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer,  Wenger saw firsthand the impact a diagnosis can have on a young woman and her family.  Because of this, she created Cloud4Cancer, a breast cancer detection app.

Cloud4Cancer is a program that teaches the Cloud how to diagnose breast cancer by employing the use of artificial intelligence to read and interpret data about cancer cells collected through fine needle aspiration. With over 7.6 million trials, Wenger’s Cloud4Cancer has accomplished more than 99% accuracy when detecting malignant masses in one’s body.

Wenger has won the grand prize at the 2012 Global Google Science Fair for her work. She accomplished all of this and much more in addition to being extremely involved on the Duke University campus with sports and other clubs. Wenger is an exemplary model for how women can balance academic and extracurricular life while still being an inspirational STEM superstar at the same time.

Brittany Wenger

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