IGNITE: Women Fueling Science and Technology is the Global Fund for Women’s new online campaign and project. It is a global platform that demands change. IGNITE addresses the gender gap in science and technology, and highlights how if women have a voice, they will unlock creativity, propel innovation, and establish equality.

IGNITE acknowledges and encourages pioneering women-led organizations working to further women’s rights in their communities through technology. It shares the stories of women and girls who are leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math.

“At Global Fund for Women we are passionate about technology because the organizations we work with tell us that access to technology — for themselves and for the women and girls in their communities — is critical to advancing women’s human rights.”

Since we live in the twenty-first century, one would think that we are living in a beautiful world full of hope and equal opportunity for all people; however, this is not our present reality. Women and minorities are still being thwarted from pursuing what they love or given the chance for noteworthy accomplishments. Our society pushes us down. We need to actively break through these glass ceilings, and establish that these societal norms should not and cannot be considered acceptable any longer. The world would be a much better place if there was gender equality in STEM.

IGNITE: Technology Is a Women’s Rights Issue

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