Project Scientist was founded in 2011 by Sandy Marshall. She noticed the disadvantages that women and girls have in STEM majors and careers. Because of this, she became committed to making a difference in the lives of young girls within her own community.

The need for Project Scientist was based off a vast amount of research that shows girls with a high skill, aptitude, and talent for STEM subjects are not currently served or identified at a young age. Underprivileged girls are not provided with the necessary education and opportunities to excel in their talents and interests. Project Scientist was created to change society’s view of who a scientist is and what a scientist does. The mission of Project Scientist is to transform the perceptions of STEM and help girls develop into future scientists that will lead the world in solving problems.

Project Scientist annually partners with Harvard University and the University of North Carolina Charlotte to research their mission and validate their impact.

78% of young girls have an interest in STEM; however, women only comprise 25% of the STEM workforce. We must do everything we can to help achieve their dreams as well as equality.

“We are determined to reach STEM girls and hold their hand through PhD or as long as far as their STEM dreams take them.”


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