USC Viterbi School of Engineering, IEC3 Summer Camp for Girls, and Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS) goIT program are preparing middle school girls for STEM careers.

IEC3 aims to lessen the barriers that have historically prevented Latino and African American women and girls from pursuing careers in engineering and computer science. In addition, IEC3 has also facilitated a Girls Empowerment Workshop Series in Los Angeles.

TCS’ goIT program is primarily focused toward middle school students that are underrepresented in STEM fields. It allows the students to engage in self-driven exploration of community-centered issues using STEM skills.

This form of community outreach that both of these programs, as well as the future collaboration with USC, are integral to creating a better world with greater opportunity and equality for everyone. Women are greatly needed in STEM careers; therefore, we need to work to create more programs like these that will help allow this need to be filled.

STEM Summer Day Camp to Support Latino and African American Girls in Souther California

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