Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen is the founder and CEO of Openwater. Openwater is creating a device that will enable us to see inside our brains or bodies in great detail.  With this comes the promise of new abilities to diagnose and treat disease. It will provide constant monitoring. The implications are broad for detection and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, internal bleeding, mental diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and much more.

Jensen is known for her work at Google [x], Facebook, Oculus, and One Laptop per Child in consumer electronics, computers, TV, VR, software and web services. Her talents also include design, internet, automotive and medical devices. Jensen was also a professor at MIT and RMIT. She has a PhD in optical physics, an Sc.B in electrical engineering, and a Sc.M in computational holography. She has been recognized with a myriad of awards such as  TIME magazine’s “Time 100” as one of the 100 most influential people in the world; a CNN top 10 thinker; and by the leading global professional societies in optics, display and electronics.

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen – Founder & CEO

Openwater Technology

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