Katie Hunt is a paleo-oncologist/aracheologist. She, as well as Janet Iwasa, was featured in “Meet 12 Badass Scientists… Who Also Happen to be Women.” At age 22, Hunt was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which caused her to have a deeper curiosity about cancer as an ancient disease. Hunt then proceeded to read ancient texts and analyze ancient human remains. She discovered cancer’s presence as early as 1,500 BCE and 6,000 BCE. Hunt founded the Paleo-Oncological Research Organization that is a “a network of archaeologists, oncologists and cancer researchers working to develop scientific research standards and techniques — and an open source database of physical evidence of cancer from many eras and regions. This growing field of paleo-oncology will raise interesting questions about how biology, culture and environment affect development of the disease, helping us better understand its prevention and treatment.”

“Biological anthropology — a physical science in a gentle embrace with social science—happens to be a field predominantly led by women, so I have the fortune of working with brilliant woman scientists every day,” says Hunt. “While sexism still exists in our lives, I’m privileged to witness a world in which women in science is commonplace and celebrated, as in this picture. And science is stronger for it!”

Katie Hunt, paleo-oncologist/archaeologist

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