Vanessa Kerry is the CEO and co-founder of Seed Global Health. Seed sends U.S. doctors and nurses to train health-care workers in places that lack medical care and attention. Kerry’s biggest challenge and goal is to close the gap between the two standards of care in the world.

“After a Seed volunteer taught Tanzanian student Aliasgar Khaki how to resuscitate infants, he encountered a baby in a pediatric ward who had stopped breathing. ‘Everyone said the baby was dead,’ recalls Kerry, but Khaki discovered that the baby still had a pulse and said, ‘Actually, we can save this child.’ They did, and Khaki now leads neonatal resuscitation trainings around the country. ‘That’s the kind of impact,’ Kerry says, ‘we’re looking to have.'”

About Seed Global Health

Vanessa Kerry for Marie-Claire’s first-ever Young Women’s Honors

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