Recently, the world has lost many creative and innovative people–one of whom is astronomer Vera Rubin. Vera Rubin passed away at the age of 88 on December 25, 2016. Rubin was a pioneer in the field of astronomy, and was one of the few women during her time to uncover some of the greatest evidence of the existence of dark matter, while facing oppressive professional sexism. Besides revealing the “stuff” that binds the universe together, Rubin constantly fought for gender equality in the field of astronomy from the beginning to the end in not only her career, but also her life.

“There is no problem in science that can be solved by a man that cannot be solved by a woman.”

“Worldwide, had of all brains are in women.”

“We all need permission to do science, but, for reasons that are deeply ingrained in history, this permission is more often given to men than to women.”

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough. My science teacher once told me I wasn’t good enough for science and look at me now.”

Why One Should Know About Vera Rubin

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